Electric Forklifts

High Level Electric Counterbalance Trucks

Yale electric counterbalance trucks are designed to keep your business moving. That means better access to make servicing as easy as possible, reducing your downtime and increasing your productivity. These money-saving benefits are further enhanced by technology features. The ECO-elo mode enables our electric trucks to optimize efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Choosing the right forklift truck for your business is a vitally important decision. Get the right equipment in place and you would get the right results in terms of increased productivity and a much greater return on your investment.

United Motors and Yale® is committed to helping you select the electric forklift best suited to your business needs. The Yale electric counterbalance range has a truck that is the best fit, whatever your business. Whether for inside or outside applications, for light or heavy duty, for long or short travel distances, for confined areas or unlimited space, we have a solution for you.

The Yale Electric forklifts come in two variants; 3-wheel and 4-wheel and below are some exciting features…

Ergonomically advanced and productive 3-wheel electric trucks

Versatile, highly maneuverable front wheel and rear wheel drive electric forklift trucks fully loaded with productivity enhancing features.

The 3-wheel electric forklift truck, with rear wheel drive, has been specially designed to maneuver around restricted spaces. It is ideal for congested loading and unloading bays where space is at a premium. Performance features such as hydraulic controls and improved visibility provide operator comfort and maximize efficiency and productivity.

High performance and energy efficient 4-wheel electric trucks

Yale® 4-wheel electric trucks are available in a range of voltage options in both conventional and drop battery box designs. This makes them ideal for a wide variety of demanding applications.

This 80-volt electric truck is maneuverable with a tight turning circle, ideal for when stability is needed in high stacking applications in a limited space.

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