Daishin – Hard Gear Coral Irrigation Pumps

Daishin HG (Hard Gear) Brand products are aimed at general consumers and professionals. Daishin main goal is to provide high-class machines with superior usability and performance, equivalent to machines for professionals, at reasonable prices thorough sophistication and simplification of the features.

With the HG product lineup, as a pioneer of HARD GEAR, Daishin strides into the international market meeting the needs of people in every corner of the globe.

Daishin Self Priming Irrigation pumps has 32m total head and 8m suction head, precision durable aluminum casing and patented impeller makes Daishin Pump is the no. 1 customer choice for irrigation engine pumps. Available in most popular 2″ and 3″ diameter, powerd by reliable diesel and petrol engines.

Application: Suitable for general purpose pumping, irrigation, agricultural application, long distance water transportation, cleaning etc…

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