Hydraulic Cylinder and Components

through Application Experience.
through Product Capability.
through Unmatched Service.

Creativity, global availability and experience make the perfect combination for our Application Engineering team. They are eager and willing to help you design your application, with “Expertise You Can Count On”.

Global competition is increasing in virtually every industry. As such, every business faces increased pressure in delivering exceptional performance, solid reliability, and cost-efficient solutions, with unlimited versatility. Eaton® offers the world’s broadest range of Industrial Cylinders; sold under Hydro-Line®, Vickers™, and Hydrowa® brands; to meet the demands of the most rigorous applications, including offshore drilling, steel mills, and machine tools. And, if there isn’t an Eaton cylinder that meets your exact specifications, we’ll custom design one for you!

Our decades of application expertise and cylinder experience translates to better solutions for all types of Industrial applications. This experience coupled with the comprehensive product offering results in Eaton’s reputation as a trusted leader for reliable, consistent, and high-performance cylinders!

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