Hydro Control Mobile Control Valves

A global partner for innovative solutions

Hydrocontrol has been involved in manufacturing hydraulic components since 1969. It is located is in an area which in renowned, all over the world, for it’s passion for precision engineering, the Company has grown it’s market by offering to Mobile Machine manufacturers Customer Specific solutions in line with the three main pillars that sustain our entrepreneurial vision:

The generation of new ideas blended with a natural predisposition for continuous innovation and the acceptance that new challenges are an excellent opportunity for growth.

Know How accumulated through the consolidation of every small technical improvement and the experience obtained through our testing and applications in the field.

The importance of the People that have shaped the company’s past successes through their initiatives and dedication and have always designed solutions with a mind towards safety, energy efficiency and environmental protection.


Products : Sectional and Mono block Mobile control valves.
Series : HC-M45/D4/D6/D12/D16/D25/D40/D50
Flow range : 35 lpm to 1200 Lpm
Pressure : up to 350 bar.
Maximum section : up to 12 working section.
Mono block Valves, Sectional Valves, Proportional Control valves, joysticks and
Load Control valves from 40 lpm to 1200 lpm to suit any kind of application !

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