OMFB Transport Hydraulics

With more than 60 years experience, OMFB offers complete range of products for Truck Hydraulic application.

PTO – More than 700 PTO models for national and foreign vehicles.

Gear Pumps – More than 450 gear pump types with most UNI-ISO-ASAE flanges.

Piston Pumps – 145 piston pump types with straight axis and bent axis.

Tipping valves – 130 hydraulic valve models listed in our products catalogue.

Mini powerpacks – More that 600 mini power pack type with direct and alternating current.

Wetkits – Rear Mounted and Side mounted Type from 6 CBM onwards up to 45 CBM.
Hand Pumps, Pneumatic control valves and accessories and much more…..!

Wetkits, PTOs, PTO mounted Gear Pumps, Piston Pumps , Hand Pumps and DC Power packs for Tippers, Garbage Compactors, Recovery Vehicles, Low Bed Trailers : A complete solution for all your Transport Hydraulic needs!

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