Pedro Roquet Gear Pumps and Valves

A global partner for innovative solutions

During more than 50 years, Roquet has consolidated its position of first brand as a hydraulic components manufacturer, mainly for mobile applications. In our four factories, we produce gear pumps, hydraulic cylinders, control valves, power units, gate operators, as well as all kind of components for hydraulic applications.

Our standards of high quality are widely recognized by our clients all over the world, who trust them for their applications in the construction of the agricultural machinery, trucks for all type of uses, machine tools, applications for civil work and renewable energies.

Since its origins ROQUET has been characterized for being a company able to develop products in accordance with its clients. This is possible thanks to the specialization of hydraulic products; fact that allows the creation as much of complete hydraulic groups as partial or simply the commercialization of specific products.

Since its origins ROQUET GROUP has been characterized to offer to all clients products of high quality and competitive prices. This business policy has allowed to obtaining an enormous prestige within the hydraulic sector. Thanks to her ROQUET GROUP is nowadays present in 38 countries of the five continents, expanding every day its presence in the hydraulic market.

Gear Pumps: Series LO/L/PLA/PLC/PNA/PNC
Flow range : 1cc to 150cc. Pressure Range: up to 275 bar.
Mobile control valves: Series 102/402/406/407/408
Flow : from 40 to 300 lpm . Pressure range : Up to 300 bar.

Aluminium and Cast Iron Type Gear Pumps, Gear Motors and Mono block and sectional Mobile control valves, Flow Dividers etc.


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