Port Machinery

SANY port machinery develops a wide range of port equipment for your choice, e.g. reach stacker, container handler, forklift truck, material handler, and large port cranes like ship-to-shore container crane, portal jib crane, rail-mounted gantry crane, rubber tyre gantry crane can be customerized. Joint design of China and Germany, our port equipment is your right choice for harbour applications.

45 ton Reach Stacker

Models: SCP100C2
Wheel Base: 6000mm
Max. Load: 45-31-15 t
Weight without Load: 75500 kg

10 ton Forklift Truck

Models: SCP100C2
Rated Capacity: 10t
Load Center: 600mm
Max Lifting Height: 3000mm

8 ton Empty Container Handler

Models: SDCY80K7GC, SDCY80K6G, SDCY80K7G
Loading Capacity: 8 t
Wheel Base: 4550mm
Stacking Height: 7(8’6″)

10 ton Empty Container Handler

Models: SDCY100K6G, SDCY100K7G, SDCY100K8G
Loading Capacity: 10 t
Wheel Base: 4550mm
Stacking Height: 6(+1) x 8‘6“ / 5(+1) x 9‘6“

Ship-To-Shore Container Cranes

SANY STS is custom designed and built to meet your individual terminal requirements. Available with 8-wheel, 10-wheel and 12-wheel modular configurations, and a wide range of outreaches, hoisting capacity and span, SANY STS crane fits for workloads at different ports.

25 ton Port Tyre Crane

Models: SQLY25C1
Max. Lifting Capacity: 25t
Wheel Base: 3400mm
Stacking Height: 3.5-22m

40T Series Material Handler

Models: SMSC40
Engine Power/Speed: 164Kw/2300rpm
Overall Weight: 43t
Torque: 949Nm/1500rpm

Portal Slewing Crane

Models: SMQG1630S
Hoisting capacity: 16t
Radius: 9.5-30m
Rail span: 10.5m

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