Sany is one of the largest equipment manufacturers in the world and mainly focuses on concreting and construction machines. Sany manufacture concreting machinery, road machinery, hydraulic excavators, piling machinery, hoisting machinery, wind turbines, port machinery, oil equipment, and precision digital controls. Sany hydraulic excavators, piling machinery, crawler cranes, mobile port machinery and road machinery are the best in China, and concrete machinery ranks first in the world.

Through independent innovations Sany has developed a 66 meter pump truck, a 72 meter pump truck and an 86 meter pump truck. They each broke the World Record for height in succession. Sany also developed the World’s first full hydraulic motor grader, the world’s first pump that delivered concrete with Graduation III, the world’s first non-bubble bituminous mortar vehicle, the world’s largest 3,600 ton crawler crane, the world’s first whole-set mortar application unit, Asia’s first 1,000 ton all terrain crane and many more.

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