Track Press

For any track type machine, the care and service plays an important role.

United Motors & Heavy Equipment Co, Heavy Equipment Spare Parts Division, supports the customer with a wide range of TOOLS for Undercarriage Assembly and Maintenance.

The Range includes,

Press Tools 350 Tons, 250 Tons for Stationary Hydraulic Press.
Press Tools 230 Tons, 100 Tons and 50 Tons for Portable Hydraulic Press.

DCL and DCL-D track control and lubricating devices for checking the vacuum in oil seals and injecting oil into lubricated chains, rollers and idlers (DCL-D model)

CEM7000 electromechanical track shoe wrench for screwing and unscrewing the shoe bolts on tracked vehicle chains, both large and small. The electronic “torque-turn” control ensures highly reliable and consistent bolt torquing results. The high torque developed facilitates bolt removal even in the most difficult situations (e.g. rust)

The ACC track winder is designed for winding medium and small-size chains, whereas the ACC/S is specifically designed for the larger sizes.

Berco offers a complete line of tools for servicing various undercarriage sizes, available upon request.

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