New Trucks (New MAN Trucks)

MAN develops and sells top-quality, exceptionally reliable trucks and commercial vehicles that are perfectly tailored to customer needs.

MAN new trucks cover every possible application: whether it’s a commercial vehicle for long-distance transport, distribution transport or use on a construction site, or even a special-purpose vehicle, you’ll find it in the MAN product range.

Each of the MAN truck series has been developed for very specific tasks and is in a class of its own.


The MAN TGS is unparalleled in its versatility: whether in difficult short-haul or distribution transport, on the construction site, in the utilities sector or as a specialist on a tough mission, our robust all-rounder is guaranteed to impress no matter what the task.


The MAN TGM redefines the terms economical in terms of medium to heavy duty traction. Equipped with an optimized driveline, it ensures driver comfort and saving more fuel when on the road. Whether in distribution transport, municipal applications or on a construction site, the MAN TGM proves itself as multifaceted as your daily challenges.

The MAN TGM has a number of talents. Its major one: driving your business.


The most extensive maneuverability in every application: maximum payload, high loading capacity and low fuel consumption make MAN TGL a real multi-talent, cutting a great figure both in the municipal sector and in construction, or even in classical distribution transport.

Its short wheelbase means the MAN TGL is exceptionally maneuverable.

MAN Cabin

The driver’s efforts behind the wheel are crucial in ensuring safe, economical driving. MAN is dedicated to offering truck drivers a comfortable and safe work place – for fatigue-free, concentrated driving, as well as relaxing rest breaks and optimum living comfort.

MAN has the cab for every application, each one guarantees optimum safety, comfort and ergonomics.

MAN Cabin range

XXL cab; XLX cab; XL cab; LX cab

L cab; M cab; C cab

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