Warehousing Equipment

Since commencing its partnership with Yale, United Motors & Heavy Equipment Co. has worked tirelessly to develop the reputation of Yale products and services in the UAE, and has been able to demonstrate to a number of businesses that investment in a Yale materials handling solution, backed by United Motors (Darwish Bin Ahmed Group) service and support, will go a long way to helping them to increase the productivity and lower the costs of their operation. The efficiency, reliability, productivity and ease of use of the Yale trucks contribute to keeping overall operating costs low.

Choosing the right truck for different applications

The Yale range of materials handling equipment has been designed to be the most ergonomic, energy efficient and productive, to deliver the lowest cost of ownership in the widest range of applications.Yale products have ‘everything in the right place’ for maximum operator comfort and productivity. So whatever the intensity or diversity of your application there is a Yale product to meet your needs.

As a manufacturer, Yale® drives warehouse industry knowledge and insight from our first-hand experience of solving materials handling challenges. We utilize that experience to provide solutions for our customers throughout the industry. From components to finished goods, no matter what the load, Yale has the right material handling solution.

Yale is one of the oldest, original manufacturers of lift trucks and warehouse equipment in the world, having been in the business of lifting for over 137 years! We’ve learned a lot in so many years of helping customers solve materials handling challenges, and it’s our goal – every day – to continue improving, providing you with the solutions you need, how and when you need them.

Yale has an unrivaled heritage in the design and manufacture of a wide range of materials handling equipment, from specialty warehouse equipment to traditional counterbalanced forklift truck models, powered by electric, diesel, LPG, CNG or even hydrogen fuel cells.

We have an unwavering commitment to quality, with important ISO registrations and use of highly advanced design, manufacturing and testing methods. All our materials handling equipment is designed to improve productivity, by allowing tasks to be handled in the most efficient manner and helping operators remain both comfortable and safe.

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