Wheel loaders

SANY has two models when it comes to wheel loaders. The SW405K and SYL956H5.

Efficiency Leader Value Model – The new generation heavy-duty wheel loader, SYL956H5 is a kind of long wheelbase 5T loader designed for heavy-duty working conditions and targets to improve investment return of the customer. As compared with competitor brands, it has the advantages of “high efficiency, high comfort, high economy and high reliability”.

Core components like engine, gearbox, pumps and valves etc. are designed jointly, and manufactured by famous manufacturers to ensure excellent quality and satisfy professional demands of SANY’s customers.

High Efficiency:

  • Fully upgraded Cummins engine – By working with SANY jointly, high power, large displacement, efficient QSL8.9 electronic injection high pressure common rail engine is customized according to the needs of SANY.
  • Advanced DANA spindle-type gearbox – Heavy-duty classic DANA spindle-type gearbox is customized according to the needs of SANY and far surpasses latest high technology of planetary gearbox.
  • Efficient fixed/variable displacement interflow high pressure hydraulic system – With domestically leading load-sensitive fixed/variable displacement interflow high pressure hydraulic system, the speed reaches optimal match with the power, operating efficiency is improved, the speed is higher and the digging force is bigger. 
  • Optimal System Matching – By innovation and matching of power, drive and hydraulic systems, and with core components from world famous brands like Cummins and DANA etc., optimal speed and power matching is realized. Through comparison and testing, operating efficiency is improved by over 11%.

High Comfort:

  • Sensitive and comfortable fingertip operation pilot system – With fingertip operating system introduced for the first time in China, operating force and operating stroke are smaller, and the operation is within control.  It represents excellent sensitivity and comfort.
  • Smooth shifting operating gearbox – Electronically controlled shifting gearbox matches with KD gear shifting function to realize stable shifting.
  • Super large space and super low noise – With panoramic ultra-silence cab, the space is large, and the view is wide.

High Economy and Reliability:

  • Lower fuel consumption – Cummins high displacement QSL8.9 engine adopts high pressure common rail and electronic injection technology to realize lower fuel consumption.
  • Energy-saving efficient variable displacement interflow high-pressure hydraulic system – High pressure load-sensitive fixed/variable displacement hydraulic system matches with hydraulic components of famous brands to realize distribution of load according to the needs and reduce unnecessary energy loss. It saves energy by over 10%.
  • Lower use cost – By optimizing the matching of power, steering and hydraulic systems, SYL956H5 improves the speed and power, reduces fuel consumption and realizes excellent fuel economy. Through comparison and testing under same heavy-duty working condition, the operating efficiency is improved by over 11%, and comprehensive fuel consumption is reduced by 7%.
  • Safe and reliable braking system – Electronically-controlled full-hydraulic parking brake and dual-pipeline full-hydraulic service brake are highly controllable and reliable concurrently to make the driving and riding safer.

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